Community Outreach

Down Syndrome Families of Las Cruces is committed to providing support for our new parents. We currently have two community outreaches. The first is we have packets of information/resources that we have delivered to the OB offices around Las Cruces. Our goal is for every OB/midwife to have our packets of info so that when parents get a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome they have information about Down syndrome, resources such as books, websites, early intervention services, and of course information on our local support group.

The second community outreach is that we make and deliver gift baskets to both hospitals for new parents that deliver a baby that has Ds. The gift bags include toys, books, blankets, sensory balls and most importantly information/resources similar to what we deliver to the OB/midwifes. We provide a congratulations letter and encourage them to contact our support group so we can be an encouragement to them.